About Us

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

Iris Synergy Sdn Bhd are water treatment system and equipment specialist for process water and waste water in energy industries mainly in oil and gas, petrochemical and refineries. We represent and collaborate with reputable manufacturer and technologies providers in water related fields.

We offer everything from industrial water treatment and waste water treatment process to oil in water with advanced technology to keep your city safe, or your company profitable. 

  • -       Focus on water related services
  • -       Experience and reliability
  • -       Our worldwide sourcing and procurement capabilities
  • -       Ability to offer best solution to meet the challenging demand
  • -       Identifying the best supply to meet quality, prices and delivery time objectives

Product in Summary:                              

  1. Upstream Market
    • -       Produce Water Systems
    • -       Injection Water Systems
    • -       Hypochlorite Generator
    • -       Reverse Osmosis
    • -       Waste Water & Sewage Systems
    • -       Filters
      1. Downstream Market
        • -       Industrial Water
        • -       Waste Water
        • -       Municipal Water
        • -       Water Treatment Chemical

Iris Synergy Sdn Bhd is subsidiary of Merge Energy Berhad (MEB). MEB is a strategic investment holding company listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 17 November 1998.   Its subsidiaries are involved in various aspects of building, structural and civil engineering works, property development, property investment and oil & gas sector. 

The key operating principles of strength, stability and sustainable growth have enabled the Group to be a dynamic player in the construction industry delivering major projects on time. MEB is poised to take advantage of Malaysia’s development needs in the construction, civil engineering, property investment and waterworks sectors.

Looking to the future, Iris Synergy will focus on growth and expansion in oil, gas & petrochemical especially in water system as it has vast experience in this sector.